About Us

PUNDITSOFT is a global information technology company (GiTC) operating from the United States of America. In today's world, business is becoming more complicated with national boundaries extending to international trade and traditional business practices merging with modern technological methods. Revenues are often not congruent with the rising costs to do business. At PunditSoft, we provide solutions that will help any organization eliminate unnecessary costs and ultimately increase revenue. We are committed to value and efficiency and we offer an effective and economically viable approach to all major business concerns. Every organization is unique with respect to business issues, and at PunditSoft we hold this in high regard, taking pride in personal service that addresses unique situations with custom and complete solutions in partnership with World's leaders in IT. "We believe in innovative business solutions that provide the greatest benefits compared to cost"

PUNDITSOFT is uniquely qualifed to build a unique solution that your company desires, due to our in-house team of IT experts, and our close to 3 decades of experience serving customers of all sizes, be it fortune 500 companies or small and medium-sized enterprise and startups. Our focus is to provide a solution that is simple to use and future-ready served with customer-centric service at a pocket-friendly price. Our solutions are – User Friendly, Customer Centric, Future Ready and Pocket Friendly.

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Head Office

248 S Plaza De Domingos
Anaheim, CA 92807
United States
Phone: +1 714 351 7298
Email: info@punditsoft.com

Our Services

  • Applications Development
  • Hardware Sales
  • Graphics Design
  • Product/Project Management
  • Infrastructure Management